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10 - 14 local youth attend a boxing workshop in Somers Town, the children who attend this get to increase there knowledge and technical skills surrounding the sport and more importantly to help them grow in confidence. Feedback from both the children and the parents asking for longer sessions with more variety has meant that in 2024 we are excited to announced a new extended 2 hour programme which sees boxing and football combind.  



SSTA provide workshops and holiday camps for 5 to 16 year olds. They pride themselves on their signature immersive storytelling through the programme it provides the children with critical thinking and collaboration skills. 

In the last few months there was has been a direct focus on the junior cohort with having 2 sessions taking place over 2 venues; Ampthill estate and the Somers Town Youth Centre. These sessions are often at full capacity which currently 15 individuals. Through Neighbourly another amazing partnership that has flourished for this project. They have created a deal with Pret and Gails to be able to provide additional food for the individual in attendance to take home. SANKOFA have had a focus on having SEND youth engage with the program and through this work it has now highlighted an additional need within the community for increased SEND youth focused activities and engagement.

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Platform Cricket is a charity that has multiple sites across London working with youth to get them engaging in more activity. Their work in Somers Town has a thriving group of children who attend these sessions with older children and parents who get involved with the volunteering and coaching side of things. 

They engage with a variety of ages and also ethnicities as they run sessions in school and then also community based.

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More information to follow:

A girls' club will be starting in the STCA community centre. 

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Bengali Education centre

The Bengali Education Centre established in 1985 situated at London Borough of Camden, They are a charity organisation providing supplementary education to children age between 8-16 years to help young people to develop and to create more opportunities to overcome language, cultural and religious barrier to Bengali community in the UK.

Provide a space for youth to engage with STEM programs in an environment that is safe and controlled, increase digital literacy, coding, science, mathematics, and technology related skills for the youth users of the Bengali Education Centre. Additionally to provide food for the youth during their sessions. 

Computer Class

Plot 10

Plot 10 aims to support young people and their families in the community of Somers Town. To help empower the girls of Somers Town and improve self-esteem. It can provide the girls with various opportunities to learn new skills, such as self-defence, healthy eating and conflict resolution. A girls club will support their emotional and physical well-being as well as a safe space where the girls feel heard and valued.

Junior Book Club


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Every Saturday, the IT hub in Ampthill becomes Somers Town Youth Club, offering morning homework help, lunch, and afternoon activities for kids. 

These sessions in Somers Town improved children's engagement, confidence, and skills through activities like knitting, arts, crafts, and board games. 

During the Ampthill Festive event, the kids made hot chocolate and homemade treats for everyone. For this event, the children learned accountability by creating posters to raise money for future events and promote sustainability for the youth club.



London Wildlife Trust collaborates with St Mary’s & St Pancras Primary school and Edith Neville Primary school, conducting school and family learning sessions. They prioritise collaboration and planned a youth visit to the Canal Museum. The Wildlife Urban Nature club offers in-depth sessions for older youth interested in wildlife topics.

Weekend family sessions attract over 100 people with activities targeted at Somers Town families through door drops and local school engagement. Trainee-led sessions include nature-related activities like spoken word and poetry.

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Scene & Heard is a unique mentoring project partnering the children of Somers Town with volunteer youth professionals. These positive adult role models help the children explore their creativity and have fund through development and delivery of Drama Drop ins and Creative arts week from August 2023 to August 2025. The funding from STBL is going to be used to establish the programme, which is currently Somers Town's only drama programme. To help imbed Scene & Heard's activities in the wider community of Somers Town. 

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Nxt Gen

More information coming soon...



More information coming soon...


Pro Touch

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