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Maria Fidelis school hosts an annual Christmas party for senior citizens with over 120 attendees. The school's pupils performed a choir show and served food and drinks throughout the evening. The event included a raffle with great prizes and a traditional Christmas dinner followed by dessert. The event helped combat loneliness and isolation among the elderly during the holiday season and provided an opportunity for the community to connect with people of all ages.


Day of 
the Dead

On October 28, 2023, Ossulston Street hosted a Day of the Dead festival that attracted over 10,000 people. The event aimed to bring the community together to celebrate the traditional Mexican holiday and educate the attendees. A variety of activities were available, including free face painting, arts and crafts, drama performances, and market stalls for both children and adults.



ASTRA organized a successful winter festival with various activities, including a table-top sale, cake and fancy dress competitions, raffle, Santa's Grotto, and hot food at a subsidised cost. The event was well-attended and kept the hall busy throughout the day.


Peoples Museum Christmas

A cultural festival was held on December 15, 2023, to celebrate the diverse community during the festive period. Several activities were available, including short film screenings, Christmas card making, screen printing, and music. The event was successful, with many people attending.

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TR hosted an incredible night of karaoke at the Cock Tavern. The event was a great success with local residents attending and engaging with new people and also with the Big Local.  

“Thought it was excellent. I really enjoyed the community getting together”  V

“Very good. Very happy. everybody was happy with it” S

“We came in by chance and ended up staying and having a fabulous time. A real community feel got together. It was great and weren’t expecting it” C

“The sound system was amazing and the Dj was great who faded out the people who were in above their heads. Wednesday is a nothing going on night I believe it could gain a good following quickly. First or last Wednesday of the month”. C


Community Kitchen
Festive Events

Fitzrovia Youth in Action (FYA) organized two Community Kitchen events during the festive period to engage with Somers Town residents who typically do not participate in local events. The events featured festive food, workshops, quizzes, and games to encourage families to stay and bring others along. FYA collaborated with STCA, STYC, and Camden detached Youth team for the events.


New Horizon Youth Club
Winter Wonderland Trip

NHYC took Somers Town residents to Winter Wonderland where they enjoyed rides, food, and socializing with peers.


There were some huge positives from letting the young people have some feelings of normality around the Chirstmas period but in particular, they had someone attend who had never been to a theme park before and found Winter Wonderland overwhelming but in a good way and they enjoyed themselves.  


Gingerbread Christmas Party

Gingerbread organised a Christmas party to support single parents and their children, which included activities, food, gifts, and access to mental health support. The event was successful, with good engagement among Somers Town residents.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Sankofa Arts

Watch this space, recap coming soon!


Think & Do

Watch this space, recap coming soon!

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