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Somers Town Festival

8th July 2023 was an amazing day to visit Somers Town as the Somers Town Festival was taking place. It is a day to focus on bringing the wider community together through music, dance and entertainment. It is a great way to show off Somers Town diverse, unique rich talent and multi-cultural community. People that were volunteering with the event had the opportunity to apply for their DBS certificate  and the youth were also able to be stewards. The feedback reieved on the day was possitive and community seemed to enjoy it.


Coronation Fun Day

To celebrate the Kings' Coronation, Ampthill Estate held a Coronation funday. This event provided the opportunity to bring residents together and also a chance for the locals to sell their items at the craft fair as well. Freshly cook food was available from the BBQ. The food had a subsidised cost as to make sure it was accessible to the residents. There was free face painting and henna. Think and Do and Blue Bird were there to be able to provide local community services.


Plot 10 50 years

Plot 10 originated from a WW2 bombsite in which local parents grouped together to seek funding to reappropriate the bombsite into a children play facility. In 2018 they moved sites and opened a new building with a pitch and playground.

They run an after school club and a holiday club as well as renting out the rooftop football pitch.


Plot 10 celebrated 50 years last year and to mark the achievement they held a 1 day event. The event was a resounding success with over 340 attendees. There was a variety of activities available on the day for the youth. There was a special montage  playing throughout which was created to highlight the moments of the last 50 years.

Outdoor Birthday Table
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